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11 January 2011

News and Report 

  • Happy New Year 2011! Enjoy our special gallery for the new year greetings featuring the best TWAN images of night sky above winter landscapes.
  • TWAN at Central European Deepsky Imaging Conference (CEDIC 2011), The conference is a major annual gathering of astrophotographers from Europe and around the world in Linz, Austria. TWAN director Babak Tafreshi will present The World at Night and hold a workshop on landscape astrophotography at CEDIC2011 which takes place March 18 – 22. Conference registration is open through February.   
  • TWAN in Beautiful Universe and SkyWatch 2011, The World at Night images are featured in two popular publications of Sky&Telescope magazine: Beautiful Universe and SkyWatch which are published annually.
  • Top Viewed Photos and Videos: October-December 2010, See the most visited photos and time-lapse videos on TWAN website during fall 2010.
  • New TWAN Mystery, Test your knowledge of the night sky with this edition of TWAN Mystery.

Latest Photos and Videos

There are new stunning photos and time-lapse videos on the TWAN website, featuring starry nights of our planet's landmarks from around the world:



Skylights Over Libya  by Tunc Tezel


The Winter Solstice  by Juan Carlos Casado


Sky From the Equator  by Kwon O Chul



Eclipse and Aurora in Motion  (time-lapse video) by Yuichi Takasaka

Aurora During a Total Lunar Eclipse  by Yuichi Takasaka

Lunar Eclipse above Yellowknife  by Yuichi Takasaka

Sky Gem  by Yuichi Takasaka

Quadrantid Meteor Above Alberta  by Yuichi Takasaka

Streak From the North  by Yuichi Takasaka

Costa Rica

Eclipsed Moon From a Cruising Ship  by Wally Pacholka


Lunar Eclipse Picnic  by Dennis Mammana

Meteor Above Mojave Desert  by Wally Pacholka

Stars Above a Joshua Tree  by Wally Pacholka

Winter View  by P.K. Chen

Summer View  by P.K. Chen

Autumn View  by P.K. Chen

Spring View  by P.K. Chen

Sky of Four Seasons  by P.K. Chen



Leonid Meteors and Their Persistent Trains  (VR/video) by Kwon O Chul


Siberia Eclipse Sunset  by Aleksandr Yuferev

Frozen Eclipse  by Aleksandr Yuferev

Chimney Eclipse  by Aleksandr Yuferev

Australia and Pacific


Back to the History  by Stephane Guisard



Unusual Sunrise  by Laurent Laveder

Port Orion  by Gernot Meiser

A Winter Night of France  by Gernot Meiser

Startrails Above Tour Vauban  by Gernot Meiser

Moon Dream  by Gernot Meiser


Wandering Sun  by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Analemma Above the Temple of Poseidon  by Anthony Ayiomamitis


Analemma over Hungary  by Tamas Ladanyi

Framing by Fibonacci Numbers  by Tamas Ladanyi

Misty Eclipse  by Tamas Ladanyi


Christmas Stars  by Juan Carlos Casado

Solar Eclipse Above Spain  by Juan Carlos Casado


Star Trails in the North  by P-M Heden

Geminid Meteors above Sweden  by P-M Heden

Family Stargazing  by P-M Heden

Noctilucent Clouds above Sweden  by P-M Heden

Halloween Night  by P-M Heden

Night in the Land of Gustav Vasa  by P-M Heden

New Year Sky Dreams  by P-M Heden

Jupiter Corona  by P-M Heden

Middle East


A Meteor Moment  by Amir H. Abolfath

The World at Night in Black and White  by Oshin D. Zakarian

Morning Trails  by Oshin D. Zakarian

Village Night  by Amir H. Abolfath

Zodiacal Light in Desert Sky  by Amir H. Abolfath

Clear Sky After Snow  (VR/video) by Babak A. Tafreshi

December Meteors  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Big Dipper and the Falling Star  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Sky Above Iran National Observatory  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Milky Way in a Moonlit Night  by Babak A. Tafreshi

The Belt of Venus  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Orion and the Persian King  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Around the Pole  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Meteor Shower of December  by Babak A. Tafreshi

The Night Begins  by Oshin D. Zakarian

Starry Winter Landscape  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Village Sky and Shooting Star  by Amir H. Abolfath

Sky Watchers of the Astronomy Town  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Falling Star of an Ancient City  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Stars and Meteors above Qumis  by Babak A. Tafreshi

Damghan Meteor  by Amir H. Abolfath

Trails Above Tehran  by Amir H. Abolfath

Bears in the Desert Sky  by Amir H. Abolfath

Sky Motion Above a Mountain Road  by Amir H. Abolfath

Starry Night of Damghan Desert  by Oshin D. Zakarian

Colors of Autumn  by Oshin D. Zakarian

A Fire Temple at Night  by Amir H. Abolfath

Sky in Motion above Ancient Fire Temple  (VR/video) by Amir H. Abolfath

Stars and Rocks  by Oshin D. Zakarian

Planets in the Morning Twilight  by Oshin D. Zakarian


The Guest Gallery is a well-received section on the TWAN website, featuring selected outstanding Earth and sky photos by non-TWAN creative photographers from around the globe. If you have such remarkable photos to share with the TWAN Guest Gallery then please contact us. There are new featured photos in the Guest Gallery:

Night at Alanya Castle  (Alanya, Turkey)  by Hakan Buyuktuncay

Korean Ruin and Star Trails  (Korea)  by Kang Jisoo

Venus in Twilight  (Zahedan, Iran)  by Masoud Sheikh Veisi

Quadrangle after Sunset  (Tempe, AZ, USA)  by Jin Lu

Lights of the Albufeira Star Party  (Lagoa de Albufeira, Sesimbra, Portugal)  by Miguel Claro

Hareer Mountains in Autumn  (Erbil, Iraq)  by Azhy Hasan

Ursa Major over the Canyzar Lagoon  (Villarquemado, Teruel, Spain)  by Vicente Aupi

Leh Panorama  (Hanle, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India)  by Ajay Talwar, Vikrant Narang, Raghu Kalra

Small Magellanic Cloud and Uluru  (Northern Territory, Australia)  by Kang Jisoo

Varzane Moon and Venus Conjunction  (Varzane, Isfahan, Iran)  by Nazanin Alibeik

Present Look at the Past  (High Island Reservoir, Sai Kung, Hong Kong)  by Herman Yeung

Gahar Lake in the Moonlight  (Gahar Lake, Lorestan province, Iran)  by Saber Karimi

Eclipsed Moon Setting  (Neuhofen an der Krems, Austria)  by Herbert Raab

Moonrise Partial Lunar Eclipse  (Mandaluyong City, Philippines)  by Erika Valdueza

Devsthal Meadow  (Devsthal, Uttarakhand, India)  by Ajay Talwar

Uluru at Night  (Ayers Rock(Uluru), Northern Territory, Australia)  by Kang Jisoo

Waxing Crescent Moon meets Venus  (Kurdistan, Iran)  by Farzin Hossaini

Three friends of the Milky Way  (Portinho da Arrabida, Sesimbra, Portugal)  by Miguel Claro

Lazar Castle At Night  (Lazarea Village, Transilvania, Romania)  by Munzlinger Attila

Aurora over Alaska  (Willow Lake, off Richardson Highway, Alaska)  by Paul Alsop

Pleiades over Moutohora  (Thornton Beach, New Zealand)  by John A Davis

Transparent Observatory  (Hanle, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India)  by Ajay Talwar, Vikrant Narang, Raghu Kalra

Panorama of the Milky Way  (Gayen, Iran)  by Amirreza Kamkar

Sydney at Dawn  (Sydney, NSW, Australia)  by Kang Jisoo

Ostersund by Night  (Ostersund, Sweden)  by Goran Strand

Garmeh Star Trail  (Garmeh Village, Isfahan, Iran)  by Hooman Mirrahimi

Our Galactic Neighborhood  (Azul, Argentina)  by Luis Argerich

Amateur Astronomer at Work or Pleasure?  (Hatu Peak, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India)  by Ajay Talwar

Partial Solar Eclipse at Sunrise  (Vienna, Austria)  by Peter Wienerroither

Partial Eclipse from France  (La Rosiere, France)  by Sebastian Voltmer


Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), a NASA’s world-known website, has featured new images by TWAN photographers:

TWAN is featuring 14 special galleries:

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