Global Astronomy Month – April 2010

2 February 2010

Let’s Continue the Celebration of the Universe!

Professional and amateur astronomers, educators and all astronomy enthusiasts worldwide are invited to celebrate the Universe in April 2010, during Global Astronomy Month – an international project that builds on the achievements of The International Year of Astronomy 2009, by combining a wide array of activities with the possibility of sharing experiences in real-time!   

The unprecedented success of 100 Hours of Astronomy (100HA) in April 2009 showed what could be accomplished by a highly motivated and energized international community of passionate people, creating even greater enthusiasm for a follow-up experience. As challenging as it may be to follow the historic success of 100HA, Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) has set the bar even higher, inviting astronomy enthusiasts worldwide to celebrate the Universe for an entire month!

Taking place during April 2010, Global Astronomy Month (GAM2010) is a community-based effort aiming to achieve international collaboration and more interaction between participants than ever before. The primary idea of GAM2010 is to share ideas, experiences and successes, allowing communities that organize their own events to carry their ideas and inspiration forward.

The excitement of bringing people together from all countries regardless of age, race or beliefs – all awed by the wonders of the Universe – is something that will long outlive the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009)”, says Mike Simmons, President of AWB and co-chair of the 2009 100HA effort. “GAM2010 will build on that passion and energy, starting from a simple idea and building to a global project by multiplying its effect as it goes. Like 100 Hours of Astronomy, GAM will be a social movement in the astronomy community”

With an entire month available, GAM2010 event organizers have four advantages over 100HA in 2009: 1) the ability to plan events at the best times in their countries, 2) time to reschedule weather-impacted outdoor events, 3) more ways to engage participants and the public with a wider array of projects and activities, and 4) the opportunity to be inspired by – and be the inspiration for – fellow astronomy enthusiasts around the world.

GAM2010 includes the most popular events for both astronomers and the public: telescopes will be available for the viewing of the Moon, Saturn and other objects, not only at observatories and planetariums, but also in public locations; dark sky observing of distant objects, Messier marathon, Lyrid Meteor Shower observing parties and events for the annual celebration of Astronomy Day (April, 24) are just some of the activities planned; special events by IYA2009-created global programs, observing with telescopes controlled over the Internet, webcasts and podcasts of special presentations, exhibitions, public competitions, astrophotography contests and workshops and much more will ensure that there is something for everyone.

The GAM2010 web site is the hub of all the activity, providing up-to-date and even real time information, as well as acting as a platform for sharing ideas and results that will foster international cooperation in event planning, creating even more a sense of a global community.

The GAM2010 On-line Broadcast Channel offers organizers worldwide a place to show videos of their events, give presentations of interest to the general public and feature live streams from around the world in their own events.

The GAM2010 Blogs are a valuable source of information and event promotion. GAM bloggers will describe important projects and events, while local organizers can post information on their own activities. Social media and networks will also be used to expand the audience and the excitement.

Come and join the celebration this April, as Global Astronomy Month will bring together thousands of passionate individuals and hundreds of organizations worldwide to share their enthusiasm and innovation, and to connect people through this great sense of sharing! It’s a month celebrating of One People, One Sky!


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 Astronomers Without Borders

Astronomers Without Borders is an organization dedicated to fostering understanding and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries by creating relationships through the universal appeal of astronomy. Astronomers Without Borders projects promote sharing, all through a common interest in something basic and universal – sharing the sky.


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Mike Simmons

President, Astronomers Without Borders

Chair, GAM2010 Working Group

+1 818 486 7633


Oana Sandu

GAM2010 Public Relations Coordinator

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