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Local Contacts

With the Task Group overseeing Galilean Nights organisation on a global level, specific details regarding local events in each country are being dealt with by the IYA2009 National Node Representatives, individuals who oversee all IYA2009 activities in each country. In some countries, the IYA2009 National Contact has appointed specific local contacts to oversee Galilean Nights activities.

If you have any queries about Galilean Nights in your area, perhaps you want to organise an event and need some advice or help, or perhaps you want to know more about attending events local to you, then contact your local Galilean Nights Contact. If your country is not listed below, then your National IYA2009 Representative will be overseeing Galilean Nights activities in your country and you should contact them. IYA2009 National Contacts can be found on the IYA2009 webite.



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